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About Me

I love my God and I'm thankful for my savior Jesus Christ, you can't go wrong when you start something off about yourself then going straight to the source of all my blessing and the one that gave me my skill.
 My name is Garret Clay, with one "T", I come from a long line of family who through there faith and ability have contributed to this great country, the USA.
Got into making knives approximately 4 years ago, started off using very old skills such as cold chisel and hammer, close to losing my hearing, resorted to more efficient tools starting with angle grinders and that's when the "bug" officially bit.
Using a 1 x 30 used belt sander which eventually wore out, using jigs to help with grinding lines. Now with a very efficient grinder and no jigs, so the fact that i use mostly stock removal methods, I can say that these knives are hand made.
 Being a full-time Fireman, I find that making knives helps with the stress and things that can never be forgotten.
My maker mark has Axton, because if Googled there is only one, and its right here in the good ole' USA.
I thank you for checking out my website, and may we all strive to live life as if Jesus Christ was walking right next to us.

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